We {Heart} – Easy Summer Icy Treats

by Elmer Fudd

We {Heart} - Easy Summer Popsicles


Why We Love It!

This week on OHP it’s all about everything frozen and refreshing for summer – Easy Summer Icy Treats. You know the stuff I am talking about, it’s the sweet cold stuff that gives you brain freeze but you just can’t stop eating it. Thinking about it, brings a huge kid like smile to my face. It’s something about those icy sweet treats of summer that makes me feel good all over.

We {Heart} - Easy Summer Popsicles

So, in a search of looking for a way to ease the task in making icy treats, I came upon these cool nifty contraptions over at Williams-Sonoma, in my opinion these are a must-have for summer entertaining. Not only can you use these nifty gadgets to make ice cream and pops for the kids, you can also use them to whip up adult slushies!


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