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Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly

To take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health, creating a daily self-care routine is something that we must do intentionally. When we think about it, it’s a simple concept in theory, but it’s something we very often overlook. Healthy self-care is essential to mood enhancement and anxiety reduction. It’s also necessary for a healthy relationship with oneself and others. Creating a daily self-care routine and sticking to it is the key to a well-balanced life.

wondering where to start and what to include in your daily self-care routine?

To start, self-care is something that you regularly schedule; it is not something that happens magically. It’s a choice, just like choosing to exercise and eat healthily.  What should be a part of your daily self-care routine? Choose the things that help you relax, things that are comfortable and easy for you. You will find your rhythm over time. You will be able to enforce more and understand more basic ways of self-care that work for you over time. choosing to exercise and eat healthily. Just in case you need a little help with your self-care daily list, we’ve put one together to help you get started.


Hit the pause button: Take a 15-minute break and do absolutely nothing. Grab a cup of tea, coffee, wine, or whatever your favorite beverage is and relax. Turn down the volume on your phone or even turn off your phone. Then relax in silence with yourself and your thoughts.

Journal your thoughts: In the evenings, when everything settles down in your home, grab your journal, and write down a recap of your day. How did things go? Was your day good or bad? Did you show up as your best self, your authentic self? If no, why not? Then, at the end of each week, go back and review what you wrote down; you will find that it will provide you with insight and can help you grow in various areas.

Dream a little: Daydreaming has been linked to having a healthier brain, and it can also help to reduce stress. It reminds us of the things we love and aspire to do. Dreaming can also bring up feelings of joy, hope, and anticipation. So, retreat into your thoughts and dream a little dream.

Find the magic: Magical moments are happening around you every day of your life, but we often miss them because we are preoccupied with all of the other “stuff” we have going on. Learn to be present in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. Every moment in life is filled with a little magic; try not to miss it.


Nasal Breathing: Are you aware that breathing through your mouth means that you lose a lot of oxygen, up to 90%? This is oxygen that your body uses to sustain your organs, tissues, and cells. Often, when you breathe from your mouth, your body triggers the stress nerves. When these nerves turn on, they instruct the brain to deliver the stress hormone cortisol, to turn on the immune system, and to brace for an attack. However, when you breathe through your nose, you get more oxygen compared to what you take in when you breathe through your mouth. Breathing from your nose helps you to breathe deeply through the lower lungs. As the lower lungs become engaged, they pump more blood to the rest of the body. Adequate oxygen ensures sufficient support for the cells and maintains good tissue and organ function. Also, when the lower lungs are engaged, a calming effect happens. Start practicing nasal breathing and before you know it, it will become a habit.


Stay well.