Entertaining Guide – Sending The Correct Invitations

by Elmer Fudd


Last week we discussed the Golden Rules of the Posh Hostess, this week we are moving our series to invitations: their purpose  and the impact on your overall celebration.  I am under the firm belief that the tone for any celebration, is set by the invitation. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a backyard BBQ, an elegant dinner party or a gala at your country club – the invitation matters. It’s the first glimpse of your celebration that your guest will see – it sets the tone, adds anticipation, provides them with necessary information about the party and gets them excited to attend your event. When planning events for my clients, I always ask what they envision their event to look like and this includes the look of the invitation. The main objective is that the invitation represents your sense of style and the theme of your party. That’s it, simple right.

If you are having a casual get together or last-minute party, a phone call or invitation sent electronically via evite is perfectly acceptable. For a dinner or birthday party that is more formal, written invitations are a must. When sending invitations via snail mail – which I must admit, I do prefer to send invitations by mail, using fill-in-the-blank invitations are easy and convenient. In today’s marketplace, you can find stylish fill in invitations to suit just about any occasion. For upscale parties, showers, anniversaries, or milestone events, I opt to go with custom printed invitations.


Besides making the first impression for your party, the invitation serves as a source of information for your guest.

The reason for the party: Let your guest know the reason for your little soirée. This helps to build the excitement and lets your guest know what to expect.

The date and time: For most parties, the start is sufficient, however if there is a certain time that you want your guest to leave, be sure to add an ending time to the invitation, otherwise they’ll stay forever.

Location: Always provide the address of the event location on the invitation. Even if the party is at your house, and your friends have been to your house a thousand times, give the address – trust me on this.

RSVP: Include a phone number and /or email address so your guest can let you know if they will be in attendance. The number of RSVP’s will assist you in gauging the amount of food and beverages that are needed. Be sure to follow up with any guest that you have not heard from a few days before the party.

Other Details: Is there anything your guest need to know about the event? Is it a black tie or an all white affair? If so, make sure your guests are aware of these details. Otherwise you will have people showing up dressed inappropriately and feeling really out of place.


I generally start thinking about the people I want to invite to the party around the same time that I decide we are going to have a party. Invite the right mix of people, you need guest that are lively and engaging, which encourages interaction.   Be sure to send out your invitations well in advance. For causal parties and dinners, sending invitations two weeks in advance is good timing. For more formal occasions, send out invitations four weeks in advance. Here a guide to help you out

The Posh Guide to Entertaining in Style - Invitations: The Delivery Guide So, there you have it, the first step in planning a stress free, yet simple and elegant party.

Party Invitations Courtesy of OHP Home Decor + Accessories  


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