DIY: Fourth of July Marble Pins

by Elmer Fudd

DIY Inspiration: Fourth of July Pins Patriotic Pins


Need a cute DIY project for the upcoming holiday?  Here’s one, simply add some red, white and blue paint to glass marbles to create some stylish and patriotic masterpieces.  These can be used as party favors for guest, as a weight to hold down paper napkins and in many other creative ways.

Here’s how to make them.

Supplies Needed:

* Large flat glass marbles in blue, clear, red, or white

* Glass paint in red, white, and blue

* Paintbrush

* Pin backs

* Strong adhesive, such as E6000


1. Wash and dry the marbles. Avoid touching the area to be painted.

2. Paint hearts, stripes, dots, words, or other motifs on the rounded side of the marble. Allow paint to dry before layering colors. To make dots, use a pencil eraser for large dots, the handle of a paintbrush for medium dots, and a toothpick for small dots. Dip into paint and dot on surface. Let dry.

3. Apply a dot of adhesive to the pin back and place on the back of the marble near the top. Let the adhesive dry.

Source: LHJ


celebrate life in style…

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