DIY Easter Inspiration: Chripy Chicks

by Elmer Fudd

DIY Easter Inspiration: Chripy Chicks

Keep the kids busy with this great DIY Easter craft. It’s super easy to make and the kids will enjoy making these fuzzy chripy chicks.

Here’s what you’ll need to make them


  • Yarn in desired color
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Bottle cap
  • Card stock
  • Googly eyes
  • Felt scraps
  • Beads, buttons, ribbon or other decorations as desired
  • Compass, pencil, scissors, craft glue, markers
  • Tapestry needle


1. Cut two 30 cm (12-inch) lengths of yarn; set aside.

2. With compass, on card stock draw two 4 cm (1˙-inch) diameter circles and two 5 cm (2-inch) diameter circles; centred inside each, draw 1 cm (˙-inch) diameter circle. With scissors, cut around outside edge of each circle. Cut 1 slit straight in from outer edge and cut out inner circle and discard. With edges even and slits aligned, hold 2 small card stock circles together. Holding yarn in other hand, and beginning and ending at slit, wind yarn evenly and thickly counterclockwise around circle through centre hole, until hole is full. Holding yarn firmly in place at centre, slip scissors between circles at outside edge and cut yarn all around; still holding yarn firmly in place at centre, slip 1 length of yarn between circles and around yarn at centre, then tightly knot. Do not trim tie ends. Repeat with large circles to make second, larger pom-pom.

3. Carefully push pipe cleaner through centre of large pom-pom; bend in half at midpoint. Form legs and feet by bending pipe cleaner (see photo). To make spiral legs, twist pipe cleaner around pencil.

4. Thread tie ends from small pom-pom onto tapestry needle; push through centre of large pom-pom, tie securely and trim. Trim tie ends from large pom-pom.

5. On card stock, draw bill (for cap) or brim (for hat or bonnet) to fit bottle cap; cut out. With marker, colour as desired, then glue to bottle cap; decorate cap as desired. Let dry. Cut triangle of felt for beak.

6. Using craft glue, affix hat to head; glue on googly eyes and beak (see photo).

Designer’s tip

To make your chick into a key ring, after attaching small pom-pom in Step 4, thread tie ends from large pom-pom onto tapestry needle; push up through centre of large pom-pom and out at centre of back of bird. Tie securely around key ring; trim.


celebrate life in style…


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Jamie April 13, - 3:14 pm

So cute, can’t wait to make these with my daughter.


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