DIY Crafts: Squash Softies

by Elmer Fudd

Okay, how cute are these! These little warm and fuzzy fabric pumpkins will make great additions to your fall and Halloween decorating collections. This is also a craft that the kids can help make and have fun with.

DIY Crafts: Squash Softies

Total time needed to create these cuties is between 1-2 hours. Also, mixing different textures and colors will create a mismatched patch of them.

Materials Needed

Fake fur, fleece, or other fabric
Dental floss
Plastic shopping bag
Short stick


1. Squash Softies – Step 1 For each pumpkin, cut a circle from a piece of fake fur, fleece, or other fabric (ours were roughly 8 inches in diameter).

2. Thread a needle with dental floss and make a knot several inches from the end (you’ll use this tail to tie the floss together). Make wide stitches around the circle as shown, about a half-inch from the outer edge. Pull the floss to gather the edges, and stuff the resulting pouch with a plastic shopping bag.

3. Place a short stick into the hole for a stem, then pull and knot the floss so that the fabric is cinched around the stick.


Enjoy & have fun creating these!

celebrate life in style…

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louise October 16, - 3:10 pm

Very cute! And they sound super easy to do!!! I might attempt with the kiddo…. Thanks for sharing.

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Lissa (Bellenza) September 30, - 10:03 am

Very cute decor idea! Would be great in terry cloth or felt, too. 🙂


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